M.F.A. - Theatre Management - Wayne State University

M.F.A. - Directing - University of Portland

B.S.ed - Speech and Theatre Education - Missouri State University


2019 Ad POP Award - National Gay Media Association - Angels in America

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VIIMeritorious Achievement in Sound Design- Woyzeck

The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region VII - Runner Up - SDC Directing Fellowship

Missouri State University Theatre and Dance Department Awards    - Director of the Year

The goal of my work is to remind everyone that theatre is an event. I explore this through the relationship between the audience and the playing space. I look for occasions where I can explore a sense of immersion. This immersion doesn’t have to mean pulling the audience on stage, actors leaving the playing area, or even audiences walking through an abandoned space and exploring, but rather a moment of shared investment on everyone’s part. Theatre should attack our senses; it moves us instinctually, intellectually, and emotionally and for my work, I prefer that order. As a result, hopefully, a deeper level of the “event” and investment is achieved turning passive audience members to active participants.

As an artistic leader, I want to be viewed as an organizer and as a spark. I want to present ideas that then spark and empower others to push their craft further than thought possible. Following this spark, it’s my job to organize these aspects into a cohesive vision that supports the storytelling. Artistic Direction has always been my goal because of this fantastic opportunity to be a guiding figure and empowering other artists and their craft. In this position, I have the chance to present new, challenging, and inspiring moments on and off the stage. I can give opportunities for new voices and representation on stage. I can lead an organization as a cultural cornerstone of a community.

Originally from Missouri, I received my B.S.Ed in Speech and Theatre Education from Missouri State University, while finishing my degree I had the opportunity to open my first theatre, Springfield 2nd Stage, a 150 seat black-box performance space. After almost two years of being a Producing Artistic Director at this space while finishing up that degree, I decided to uproot and move somewhere else in search of new audiences. I picked Portland. While in Portland I created a new theatre company The Factory Theatre. Also during my time in Portland, I continued my education and received an M.F.A. in Directing from the University of Portland, all the while having the privilege to work alongside some fantastic artists, theatres, and companies. Currently, I’m in Detroit, MI working on a M.F.A in Theatre Management to further round out my skills in my pursuit of Artistic Leadership.